Denise Milani's Sunrise Video

Denise Milani Sunrise Video

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Denise Milani is certainly setting a high standard of sexiness for herself and her fans in her new Sunrise Video.

I don't know where they found that bikini, but it fits Denise's curvy body like a tight little glove. Her boobs fight the top as they try to spring free, and in order to keep her butt from wiggling out they end up wrapping a little beaded skirt around her bikini buttoms. Take a look at the first few minutes of the video before she puts the skirt on!

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I noticed that after Denise gets down on her hands and knees to crawl on the rocks, she grazes her breasts against the rough ground, and her nipples stand at attention for minutes afterwards.

She gets quite a bit of bounce in her step as she dances on the beach, wiggling and jiggling those magnificent boobs all over the place. She cups her breasts and pulls playfully at her nips with a teasing grin on her face.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the scene where Denise sticks her ass right up in the camera and rubs it then spreads her asscheeks beneath the bikini bottoms. She wiggles both hands down into the panties and although we can't see exactly what's going on in there, we can be certain that her fingers are going into places that only naughty girls touch!

Denise Milani sunrise video Screenshot 4

Towards the end of the videos, Denise lays down on the sand and talks quietly to the camera as she rolls around on the ground. She has a tough time keeping those boobs from peeking out of the bikini, and she has to keep adjusting her top. These types of "oops" incidents are frequent on her website, and are not only sexy but very endearing - she's just a normal gal with big boobs! She talks about how she loves the warmth of the sun, and wants to go step into the hot tub where she can take of her bikini and enjoy feeling naked and free in the water. You better believe I watched the last part of the video!

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