Denise Milani's Home Invasion Video

Denise Milani home invasion Video

Denise Milani home invasion Video Screenshot 1

The video starts out in Denise's beautiful home. Denise is in bed half-asleep wearing some sexy lingerie - a see-through tank top and tiny white thong panties. As she lies there in bed, Denise's skin looks so warm and inviting to the touch!

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Finally she stirs with a smile. She strikes a couple of poses on her knees in the bed just beeing goofy. But the sunlight streaming in the bedroom window and her skimpy attire make this very erotic. We get a couple of nice, up-close views of Denise's ass in the little thong.

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The video then cuts to Denise walking down the hallway in her house. She is wearing a pair of boyshorts that are sort of stuck up in the crack of her ass, and a strange halter that's tied in a bow in the back. She knows the camera is zoomed in on her butt, so she really shakes that thing as she walks. She unties the halter as she walks, and we can see just a slice of her beautiful breasts as they swing from side to side!

She goes through a segment where she drinks a concoction from a martina glass and plays with an SLR camera. Her nipples are hard and very prominent through the thin fabric of the halter. Denise has very large natural boobs, and it takes a lot to contain them properly! A black satin nighty is next, and we're left wondering if Denise has any panties on at all. While she sits in her office at her computer and answers a few emails, we get a great look through the transparent lace of the nightgown top (were those nipples we saw?), and a mind-numbing view of Denise's legs, butt, and crotch as she spreads her legs and puts her foot up on the desk.

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Next, Denise is outside cooking on her barbecue grill. She is wearing a torn up white t-shirt that very clearly shows her nipples through the thin fabric. As she bends over posing for the camera, she has a bit of an "oops" moment when her breasts tumble out of the hopelessly burdened t-shirt. Denise takes this in stride as she grabs the girls to tuck them back in and laughs the event off. Her video shoot is cut short when a sudden thunderstorm comes blowing through. Denise jogs back into the house, doing her best to keep those bouncing boobs under control!

The entire video is dubbed with some poigniant piano music, and it's great to see so much of Denise's personality coming throug in the shoot. She obviously isn't stuck up, and doesn't mind sharing some of her candid moments with her members. Although Denise's webmaster went back and edited some of the more "sensational" bits out of the file, the original still exists in some spots on her website, and Denise has actually gone through the trouble of reposting it when some of use emailed her with questions. What a great gal, and what a great update!

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