Denise Milani
Denise Milani
Denise Milani
Denise Milani

Denise Milani Tease Video

Denise Milani's tease video was shot in a swanky hotel room with expensive furniture and tapestries and a nearly naked Denise. Denise shows off plenty of her body in black lingerie with a see-through tube top and transparent panties.

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Denise seems very happy and chipper in this movie, smiling often and often displaying those cute dimples in her cheeks. She can still get naughty though, and nothing can prepare us for when she unties that top and starts tenderly caressing her own boobs!

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Some of the views of her boobs are astounding, especially when she lays down and ties her top back as tight as she can, purposefully squashing her boobs out the top. Seeing her there in her lingerie with her silky hair spread out on the bed makes me think about laying on top of her, hip to hip, with her chest pressed against mine...

Denise Milani PicDenise Milani Pic

Denise's panties are small and tight, cut very high so that they sort of disappear deep into the crack of her ass. We get a great view of her ass and her crotch from behind as she leans over the back of the couch to get a better view out the window.

The cameraman does his best to catch quick glimpses of Denise's teasing moments. Throughout the movie we can clearly see the darker pigments of her nipples through the mesh on her top, and the furry landing strip between her legs. We hear Denise referring to "shaving down below"... could she be talking about shaving her muff?

Denise Milani PicDenise Milani Pic