Denise Milani's Bathtub Video

Denise Milani Bubblebath Video

Denise Milani Bathtub Video Screenshot 2

Denise's Bathtub Video is another big one. It is about seven minutes long and nearly 80 mb.

At the start of the video, Denise gracefully enters a luxurious bathroom covered in Italian marble and tile. She is wearing nothing but a plush, oversized bathtowel. That's right - Denise Milani is nude! Well, except for the towel. Just imagine her naked body underneath the flimsy towel. Her bronze skin is so flawless.

Denise Milani Bathtub Video Screenshot 2

Denise sits on the edge of the tub as she draws her water for her bubblebath. As she does so, the towel she has wrapped around her pulls up and exposes a huge slice of her glorious thigh. It is almost as erotic as an upskirt on this pretty lady. Her huge natural boobs do their best to wrestle their way out of the towel, but she cups her breasts to keep them under wraps.

Denise Milani Bathtub Video Screenshot 3

It's not long before Denise drops the towel and slips into the bubblebath naked. Although we are not granted the priveledge of watching this beautiful creature ease into the warm water with no clothes on, we are encouraged to picture it in our minds and add it to the long list of Denise Milani fantasies.

Denise graces us with one of her demure, pretty smiles as she begins to lather herself up. The soapy water glistens on her skin, and the warmth of the bathwater brings a sweet sweat to her brow. Her long dark hair, pulled up to keep it from getting soaked, frames her face beautifully.

Denise Milani Bathtub Video Screenshot 4

Through much of the movie, large amounts of bubbles strategically cover Denise's bare breasts and obscure our view of her crotch. As she sweeps mounds of bubbles into her arms and slip-slides around in the tub, she flirts erotically with the camera while it zooms in and out. We see a glimpse of suntanned skin beneath the bubbles - the side of her boob? A pink flash as she leans forward - a perky nipple? Was the dark flash we saw beneath the water a glimpse of her dark pubic hair?

I will leave it to your imagination how the video ends. Perhaps she climbs out of her bath, dries off her glistening naked body, and slips into some lingerie. Maybe it's a tiny silk g-string or thong and a sexy lace corset that pushes her boobs up into a mother-load of cleavage. Then again, now that she is relaxed from the warm bubblebath, she might go into her bedroom where she will slip between the sheets and touch herself! The possibilities are endless, you'd better go check her website out and see what you think!

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